Hi, I'm AMKN

I'm that developer you keep hearing about on BitClout


I originally had a vision of creating various P2P social experiences or social experiences that are based off of various concepts such as privacy or being non-ad based. This is why I created a concept called StartHub Messenger, and tried creating a concept later on known as PeerSocial. I still have or contribute to various social networking applications and/or startups. When I first heard about BitClout, I was quite suspicious. However, now I personally believe that BitClout could be something massively adopted. If not, then perhaps the monetization model can be. I'm here on BitClout to create various applications and experiences centered around privacy, decentralization, and various use-cases of blockchain or distributed ledger technology.


I am a startup advisor. I have built technologies for a series of startups, and even took some interest in the crypto space since 2011. I also do research amongst other things. While none of these things are tied at all to BitClout, my experience matters. I am creative and have a passion for tinkering or developing new things. 


I think the best thing about starting a new project is seeing it adapted and making some sort of meaningful change. While I don't know if this will happen with any of my projects in particular, it is worth a shot. Anything I can do that is adventurous in sparking my creativity and innovative mindset, is something I think is worth considering.

  1. EXCLUSIVE CONTENT - Coming Soon! Follow and/or back @AMKN and receive access to exclusive content distributed through third party services.  Try it now!
  2. ACCESS TO TOOLS - Coming Soon! We plan on offering early adopter access or updates to subscribers for certain tools that will be open-source. Try it now!
  3. GROW W/ ME - The more people who invest in me and get others to invest, the more money we can all make. I made a pyramid UML to demonstrate the process. Nah, I am just kidding :). In all seriousness though, if I focus on content and create new tools, us as a community are able to grow as a result :) Try it now!

BitClout WP Lite Plugin

Design-wise, we thought it was better to include project 5 in this section for now. This is a low tier settings page plugin for BitClout creator rewards. This plugin needs active development and is under-developed. It is open-source.

For reference: A green button means acquired, a blue button means an original project, and a purple button means no creator coin made.

Interested in Pre-Accelerators?

On April 11th, I was one of the first people to offer pre-acceleration or potential creator support to startups that are implementing BitClout. While we are currently busy with our current load of projects, it may still be worth applying to or giving a pitch. Who knows? :)

I Wanna Fly ... Maybe? @SpaceClout

This is in the ideation phase, but basically I want to potentially make aeronautical engineering projects that connect to BitClout. How you ask? Well the first project I am looking towards building is deploying some sort of makeshift cubesat that connects to a BitClout node. Watch the video on the left to see my awkward pitch :)

What is CloutContracts? Check this out :)

CloutContracts is a next-gen blockchain development platform targeting creators and social influencers looking to quickly deploy their own network or even professional blockchain architects.They are interpolable and multichain compatible. Not only this, but they are the native token behind a high-speed roll-up layer.

Quick FAQs

Who are you?

I'm a Copt. I like to play sports. My favorite color really depends on the item. In regards to my marital status... Oh wait, I think I took this question too literally. Anyways, I'm just a dude who likes to build awesome things.

Is this investment advice?

Absolutely not! Quick disclaimer: Consider my projects, the BitClout ecosystem and everything else as experimental. Any actions you decide to make are at your own risk. Please make sure to check up on the proper rules and regulations for your jurisdiction.

Do you do BitClout full time?

Lots of people work over full time on BitClout spending 70 hours a week on the platform, perfecting their project and craft. At least I suppose some of those people exists, as this is definitely not me. I build technology for various startups and do research on topics such as computational genomics. BitClout takes a very small allocation of my time. However, since I am quite focused on what I do, I suppose that my productivity in getting things done is better than many who are able to do a BitClout project full time.

Now that is an avatar :)

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